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n 2014 he started working on a trilogy of plays on the lives of 3 distinguished painters from India. As part of his personal inquisitiveness he began visiting galleries and while visiting one gallery which was a renowned art college offering a painting course. He jumped into the course and began working on sketching and painting at ground zero. He hasn’t looked back since then. His style is a blend of impressionism, symbolism and surrealism with a dose of eastern spirituality sprinkled. His philosophy is to showcase story and meaning with less. More is less, is something that he is quite fascinated with. His Landscape works in particular are an exploration of shapes, color, light, and subtleness of nature He is also fascinated by light and storytelling, an area that unconsciously seeps from his Theatre background. One of his exciting series is a visual soliloquy of the Lonely human and The Lovers, which is a series of paintings where there is a central character and a journey into the unknown. His works are currently owned by private owners and collectors from the following countries - India, UK, Australia, Canada, and Singapore. His works are exibited in the following galleries - The Barn, Towcester, UK Handsford and Sons, London, UK Some of his works are now available at a global platform on
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